Use a YouTube SEO Strategy to drive more business to your site

Youtube SEO Strategy

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Use a YouTube SEO Strategy to drive more business to your site

If you are looking to boost SEO and increase website visitors, we have a special tip for you. Use a YouTube SEO Strategy. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine under Google. YouTube is a go-to for how-to’s, DIY, inspiration, information, news, and entertainment. 

What is a YouTube SEO strategy?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is designing web content to rank highly in search engine results pages (SERPs). Search is often the gatekeeper to your content, so optimizing your content for search is necessary to attract traffic and grow a following.

Google recommends videos to users searching for answers, product reviews, guides, and more. Because YouTube has an extensive database of resources, many of the recommended videos are from the platform. Marketers can use this to their benefit by including YouTube videos in their web content. 

Building a good SEO strategy usually involves building backlinks. However, algorithms can’t watch videos. They rely on keyword optimization. Meaning marketers can use keyword optimization for videos on YouTube to increase their SERP results. 

Whether it’s a DIY guide, recipe, new product launch, testimonials, manuals, podcasts, or so much more, YouTube offers room for you to reach your stakeholders in various ways across a range of industries via video.

Video is 50x More Likely to Get Organic Ranking than Plain Text Results.

A study from Forrester Research reveals that video is 50 times more likely to achieve organic page ranks in Google than plain text results. Part of this is because there is less competition among video than plain text.

Many marketers believe it’s easier to rank well with video over text.

On average, video content had an 11,000 to 1 chance of being recommended on Google. Compared to a 500,000 to 1 odds of text-based content. 

Additionally, Youtube videos tend to have a longer “lifetime” than other traditional platforms. Here’s how it compares to other platforms:

  • Twitter: 15 minutes
  • TikTok & Snapchat: Starts decaying immediately, unless viral
  • Facebook: 6 hours
  • Instagram: 48 hours
  • LinkedIn: 24 hours
  • YouTube: 20 days or more
  • Pinterest: 4 months
  • Blog Post: Over a year

Only about 9% of small businesses use YouTube.

Meaning your business has a huge opportunity to use the platform to outperform your competitors. While there’s an unknown amount of videos on YouTube, there’s much room for small businesses to grow their audience. 

With only 9% of small businesses using a YouTube SEO strategy, now is the time to dive in and start building an audience. 

When developing your marketing strategy, don’t sleep on YouTube. It has a massive audience of active users looking for solutions to a problem you can solve. YouTube is a great platform to create and share content with your stakeholders while boosting your SEO

Do you use YouTube for your SEO strategy? Let us know in the comments!

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