Why use a marketing Agency – 5 reasons

Why use a marketing agency

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Why use a marketing Agency - 5 reasons

Why use a marketing agency? When it comes to developing, growing, or improving your marketing strategy, it pays to have an agency  in your contact list. Business often hire in-house staff often without considering the benefits of an agency. Here’s five reasons to use a marketing agency:

1) Scalability in demand

2) Continued learning and specialties

3) Hire for what you don’t have in house

4) Get an extra set of eyes

5) Save on HR resources and training

1) Scalability in Demand

Partnering with an Agency allows you to scale your efforts up and/or down based on success, demands, new products, seasons, or any other reason. However with in-person staff you have to hire the team and keep them on payroll, regardless of demand, success, performance, and growth. Unless of course you want to fire them and eat all the costs associated with that. 


An agency helping to build a plan based on scalability and demands will help ensure your marketing budget is spent well. 


If your business scales up and down frequently or have high seasonality demands, partnering with an agency may be the most cost-effective route for your business. 

2) Continued learning and specialties

Agencies are often filled with industry experts that you can’t find elsewhere. Part of this is because agencies often focus on studying industry trends, continued learning, certifying, etc. 

Where a full-time employee spends their 9-5 working for one business, agencies work with a range of businesses, continuously learning from real world experiences across a range of businesses and industries. 


Additionally Agency specialists often have more time to take additional training. Often agencies take pride in furthering training and education. This is because you hire a an agency based on their certifications and success.

3) Hire for what you don't have in house

Agencies aren’t just for businesses with no teams and one-man shows. Businesses with teams have an opportunity to hire for what they lack in house without bringing on another full-time staff. 

For example say you have a bad-ass graphic designer, but they lack in email marketing strategy. You know that all the pretties images in the world aren’t enough….you know you need strategy too. Working with an agency might help you gain access to an email marketing strategist when you need them. 

When it comes to email marketing and its strategies, regulations, and competition, it pays to have an expert in your corner. 

4) Ge an extra set of eyes on your work

Sometimes you don’t need someone to build a strategy, create images, manage your social media, etc. Sometimes you just need an extra set of eyes on your plan to ensure it is up to parr. 


Businesses will often partner with agencies to just edit and/check their work. 

5) Save on HR Costs and Training

Tips 1-4 have something in common with this last one. Working with an agency can save you valuable time and cost. You have the opportunity to work with experts without taking them on as staff, take on new staff/scale without the risk, and save on valuable hours training.


However, when hiring a full-time staff member, companies will need to pay their salary all year long, while ensuring fit, offering training, and taking on any associated costs if they quit or are fired. 



As you can see there are plenty of great reasons to work with an agency. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-man show, have an establish team, or need to scale, Agencies offer the expertise and strategy you need. Often while saving on costs and resources. 

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