Why Digital Marketing is important

Digital Marketing

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5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important

Today’s post dives into why digital marketing is important. High level, digital marketing goes above and beyond to help you accelerate your marketing efforts. Digital marketing is the easiest way to connect with steakhosders in a targeted, cost-effective and measurable way. 

Let’s dive in…

5 reasons why digital marketing is important

  1. Highly targeted approaches
  2. More cost-effective
  3. Get ahead of your competitors
  4. More easily measured
  5. Provide value


Did you know Sayre Marketing & Design is Digital Marketing Certified? 

1. Highly Targeted Approach

Digital Marketing offers business something that traditional, print, radio and tv marketing doesn’t. A highly targeted marketing strategy. With all of the tracking, cookies, email marketing, and most importantly social media, businesses have a multitude of ways to connect with their customers. 

If you take out an ad in a magazine you have limited control of who sees it and when. However Social media allows for businesses to run targeted advertisements to audiences based on location, age, interests, buying habits and more. On Facebook you can even control when ads run. 

Even SEO ads give you target customers who’ve shown interest in your business, services, or have searched keywords that pertain to your industry. 

At the end of the day, knowing who your ads are shown to helps in creating a successful strategy. Don’t leave it up to a guess…invest in a highly targeted approach.

2. More Cost Effective

Generally digital marketing tends to be more cost effective. You can get started with an Instagram ad with just $5! Name all of the places you can take a print ad out for that price. Go on…we will wait. Digital marketing tends to be more cost effective because there’s lest over-head involved and you have control of the delivery. 

Digital marketing isn’t only cost-effective just because of the cost, but also the ROI. The targeted approach allows you to spend your ad budget more wisely and measure its impact. 

When you take a magazine ad out, it costs the same no matter how many people see it, convert or share. Unlike digital marketing campaigns. 

3. Get ahead of your competition.

A lot of businesses, especially ones who’ve been operating for a long time, still do things the old way. They don’t always have a dedicated digital marketing strategy. Especially when it comes to SEO. Capitalizing on a good Digital Strategy allows you to get ahead of your competitors in budget, reach and conversions.

For example if a local business may have 25 years in business, but sorely lack a website and web domain authority. Your business may rank high for long-tail keywords and rank #1 on Goole business listings. Your business is better positioned to reach customers in today’s market, allowing you an edge over your competitor. 

4. Easily Measured

As we touched on in #1 a digital marketing strategy is easily measured. For most digital platforms you will have the ability to measure views, clicks, conversions, shares and more. 

Having campaigns that are easily tracked and measured will put your ads leagues ahead. You will be able to adapt strategy and creative to be more effective. 

5. Provide Value

Ultimately one of the greatest reasons on why digital marketing is important is that it allows you to easily provide value to stakeholders. 

You can measure the problems customers face and strategically target your services to solve their need. Providing value is the ultimate to take 1-4 and accelerate your digital marketing strategy. 

For example, if you run a bakery ind that customers are searching for recipes, you might share a recipe ebook to download. This provides value and gives customers a reason to check out your brand. Additionally, you may run a digital ad on FB and Instagram targeted ads. 

As you can see we’ve outlined 5 reasons why digital marketing s important. A digital strategy goes leaps and bounds to access your marketing, connecting with customers and outshining your competition. 

Contact us to get started with your digital marketing strategy!

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