What not to do in digital marketing – 3 tips from a Certified Digital Marketing Agency

What not to do in digital marketing

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What not to do in digital marketing – 3 tips from a Certified Digital Marketing Agency

When it comes to marketing, you always hear what to do. This post goes over what not to do in your business’s marketing strategy. This post will go over what not to do in digital marketing.


These tips may sound simple at surface level, but they go a long ways in developing your social proof and building your SEO efforts. 


It’s important to understand what not to do just as much as what to do. Here’s three tips on what not to do from a Certified Digital Marketing Agency. 


  1. Not optimizing and minifying your site
  2. Only posting on a few social media channels
  3. Not showcasing your expertise

1) Not optimizing and minifying your site

A huge mistake I see businesses doing…a lot… is building their site (or having a site built) just for looks. Having a beautiful site is just a small part of a marketing strategy. Having a functional and optimized site is far more important. When building your site, it’s important

  1. In July 2018, Google rolled out the Speed Update, and mobile page speed became a direct ranking factor, both for Google Search and Ads.

Optimizing your page for speed, responsiveness, and user friendliness is more important that elaborate and massive file sizes. (in most cases).

  1. Stats show that users will often abandoned a site with load times longer than 3 seconds. 

When you have a fully optimized site, it will ultimately help create a more user friendly user experience. That experience results in more leads, conversions, visitors, and buys. 

Sites with a poor load speed and no optimization create a poor user experience. 

2) Only posting on a few social media channels

If you are really looking to boost your reach, increase your inbound marketing channels and give your business a boost in SEO, then you need to incorporate as many social media channels as you can. Social media channels help boost your Social Proof and Marketing Strategy

  1. Social Media helps boost your social proof and marketing strategy
  2. Outside of the basic purpose of social proof and engagements, social media can help with your SEO. For example, YouTube is the second largest search engine (behind Google). Using Facebook and Instagram with YouTube helps you generate great content that is discovered. Another great platform fro SEO is Pinterest.

    You should always include Pinterest in your social strategy. It’s not just about pinning pretty wedding photos or DIY projects. Pinterest has turned into its own search engine. 

3) Not showcasing your expertise

You buy a product or service because you have faith it works. That fait is built through a lot of strategy. Such as testimonials, reviews, data, trust icons, data, and more. 


A lot of businesses miss this step – expertise. With the web flooded by more and more sites everyday, it’s never been more important to stand out. 


Don’t be afraid to showcase your experience and expertise. Whether it’s making the best garment, giving the best advice, selling the most beautiful home, or saving clients the most amount of money. 


Your business’s is here to solve a solution for others. Your content serves to prove you are the best solution. Don’t forget to showcase your expertise

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