It’s for our marketing trend of the week – User Generated Content

Marketing Trend of the week - User Generated Content

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It’s time for our marketing trend of the week – User Generated Content

After doing some quick research it didn’t take too long to find a rising topic to discuss….this week’s topic for Marketing trend of the week – User Generated Content

We discussed examples of UGC in posts “7 Halloween Marketing Tips” and “Fall Marketing Ideas“. 

What Is User Generated Content?

User generated content (UGC) refers to any form of content, such as images, videos, text, and audio, that posted online by consumers/stakeholders. Usually theses occur with social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

With UGC content, users share posts featuring your brand, services, products, etc to their audience. Instagram and TikTok are great platforms for UGC. Primarily because they are visual platforms with higher engagement. It’s a lot easer for user to snap a quick pic or take a short TiTok than it is to write a lengthy blog post. 

Here’s why UGC important:

This content is great for brands in:

  1. Gaining brand exposure
  2. Get introduced to new audiences
  3. Developing new collabs and partnerships
  4. More more importantly generates content that you can share on your own page

How to develop a UGC generated content strategy?

  1. Utilize Reviews: Encourage your stakeholders/customers to make videos with genuine reviews of your brand, service and/or products. Since these posts reflect your brand you can share these on your social pages, in ads, on your website and so much more! Since everyone uses social media, bad reviews can do more harm than good. It’s equally important to remember to use this plan if you feel that you’ll get great reviews.
  2. Competitions! Since everyone loves a little competition and fun, contests are an exciting way to incorporate customer engagement and brand awareness. See our post Fall Marketing Ideas post to see an example of how Lush North America and their Fall 2020 Contest. Lush took opportunity to spice up the Fall of 2020. By incorporating a fun contest they were then able to boost engagement and make the quarantine feel a little bit more exciting
  3. Offer a carrot or something in return. You see this a lot with the “Brand influencer” aspect of marketing. Allow approved partners to post your product, service, etc and then give them a specialized discount, free sample, etc. 

UGC will continue to play a pivotal role in marketing as social media continues to evolve. Don’t underestimate the power of influence in your social media marketing strategy. 

How are you using user generated content? Let us know below. Need help learning where your business might improve on UGC? Reach out to us today!

This Marketing trend of the week was discovered by using explodingtopics.com.

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