Use Pinterest to get more website visitors

Use Pinterest to increase website visitors

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Use Pinterest to increase website visitors:

If you are looking to boost SEO and increase website visitors, we have one surprise tip for you in this post. Use Pinterest to get more website visitors. Yep, you heard us right, Pinterest. Pinterest is more than a social media site and inspiration board. The platform is a network of millions of users searching for new ideas, inspiration, services, and information. It’s a gold mine of people looking for a solution to problems. 

Whether it’s a DIY guide, recipe, new product launch, testimonials, manuals, or a simple quote, Pinterest offers room for various media types. Pinterest is a refreshing break from Google and YouTube, as it doesn’t take hours of investment and time. A well-prepared image and post can go the distance on Pinterest.

Here are four reasons to use Pinterest to increase website visitors:

  1. Pinterest influences buying decisions
  2. Posts have a longer shelf life
  3. Pinterest has over 450 million monthly active users
  4. Pinterest has a vast Millennial user base

1) Pinterest influences buying decisions. 

Pinterest surveyed its users to learn how they utilize the platform. Here’s what they found out:

    1. 70% discover new products on Pinterest.
    2. 90% say Pinterest helps them decide what to buy.
    3. 78% say it’s helpful to see content from brands on Pinterest.
    4. 66% buy something after seeing a brand’s pins.
    5. 59% use Pinterest to find more information about their purchases.

Meaning most people are using Pinterest for buying research. There’s plenty of room to showcase new products, services, information, guides, and more to help introduce your brand to prospects. 

2) Pinterest posts have a longer shelf life

It’s generally well-known that your posts on Pinterest don’t “die” off as quickly as they might on other platforms. Posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter usually don’t show up after a few days (unless they go viral). In contrast, pins on Pinterest can last years. Resulting in more visits/clicks on your link over more extended periods. 

The average quality pin does have a lifetime of approximately four months. Here’s how it compares to other platforms:

  • Twitter: 15 minutes
  • TikTok & Snapchat: Starts decaying immediately, unless viral
  • Facebook: 6 hours
  • Instagram: 48 hours
  • LinkedIn: 24 hours
  • YouTube: 20 days or more
  • Pinterest: 4 months
  • Blog Post: Over a year

3) Pinterest has over 450 million monthly active users

The platform has generated an incredible amount of growth. Over the last year, Pinterest grew an additional 100 million users. In 2021, Pinterest users increased to 459 million monthly active users.

A vast audience is excited to be introduced to your brand, service, and product on Pinterest.

4) Pinterest has a vast Millennial user base

It’s essential to reach out to the stakeholders looking to buy. That means reaching out to your Millennial user base. 

There are about 80 million millennials in the US, making them more prominent than any other demographic. More Millennials are in the workforce than different generations, with an expected $1.4 trillion in disposable income by 2020.

Nearly 80% of US Millennial women are on Pinterest, and 40% of Millennial men, proving their loyalty to the platform. As Pinterest’s user base has generated 35% more Millennial users year-over-year, any brand trying to market to Millennials should be on Pinterest. 

When developing your marketing strategy, don’t sleep on Pinterest. It has a massive audience of active and buying users. Pinterest is a great platform to create and share content with your stakeholders while generating new visitors for months.

Do you use Pinterest to get more website visitors? Let us know in the comments!

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