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This Weeks’s Top Marketing Story

Having a good marketing strategy often involves a lot of studying, staying on top of trends, and learning from others. To help stay on top of trends, we are introducing a new mini series: “This week’s top marketing story”.


This week’s marketing story comes from a British luxury chocolate brand – Hotel Chocolat. This company has shown the real importance of using a multilevel sales channel, but more specifically a digitally-led strategy.


Hotel Chocolat saw an increase of revenue by 21% through “digital, partners and continuity products”.

A quick visit to the Hot Chocolat website showcases that they have spent ample time thinking through and developing a solid digital strategy in collaboration with a good CRM tool.


It doesn’t take long to see that they have multiple inbound marketing methods for every stage in their buyer journey (AIDA).


  • Attract: Sales and marketing methods to attract new business (Discounts, promos, and partnerships)

  • Interest: Collect user insight, interest, and emails fo brand engagement and development (Interest)

  • Desires: Benefits and special deals

  • Action: Reviews and partnerships


With the recent impacts on how stakeholders receive information, companies have had to learn to adapt and broaden their marketing strategies. Hotel Chocolat has showcased what a solid adaptive digital strategy can do for your business.


It’s no secret that due to that recent pandemic has caused the need for digital marketing to sky-rocket. While businesses are seeing a trend towards normalcy and re-opening, maintaining a digital plan is essential.


If you learn anything from this week’s top marketing story, it is finding a way to engage with stakeholders across multiple channels is essential and your ability to adapt is a game changer.


Want to learn more about the Hotel Chocolat brand? Check them out HERE

Check out Marketing Week’s story on Hot Chocolate HERE


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