Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas

Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas

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To continue our efforts in giving and celebrating the change in seasons, we bring you our Thanksgiving marketing ideas. 

With thanksgiving being a time of shopping sprees, family gatherings, and giving you’ll want to make sure your brand is front of customers.  

According to NRF, customers shop more on thanksgiving weekend because:

  • The deals are too good to pass up (65%)
  • Tradition (28%)
  • It’s when they like to start their holiday shopping (22%)
  • Something to do over the holidays (21%)
  • A group activity with friends/family (17%)


Now that you know people will be out shopping, you don’t want to miss this season. You can start by checking out these thanksgiving marketing ideas.

Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas to gobble up:

  1. Utilize fun taglines
  2. Get into the season of giving by handing out great deals
  3. Give away a thanksgiving dinners
  4. Sponsor a local sports team
  5. Send thank you notes


Now is the time…feast on these Thanksgiving marketing tips. Here’s our breakdown.

1)  Utilize fun Taglines:

It’s giving season! With the leaves falling, cool weather, bonfires, and family gatherings comes a time to give. Taglines is a great way to highlight everything you have to give during this season. A clever (and sometimes corny) tagline is a great way to add some fun to and warm up your marketing strategy. 

To help give you some inspiration and add some clever puns to your marketing, we have already prepped a list of Thanksgiving taglines for your business to take advantage of. Check them out here.

2) Giving out great deals

Don’t take the season for giving for granted. It’s a great time to hand out some great deals and move product. People who are shopping will already be looking for great deals. Your seasonal deals will be timely and much appreciated. 

Additionally, people will be searching online for great deals (especially with online shopping taking over). Taking a digital approach to your online deals and savings can help people find your online store, help boost seo efforts, and help you stand out from competitors. 

If you want to bring people into your brick and mortar location, you may think of a creative way to give deals. Like for example you can give a great discount to anyone who donates a turkey.

3) Give away Thanksgiving dinners

This is a great idea for the season of giving! Especially if you are a local company looking for new ways to engage with the community. Giving out dinners is a great way to associate your business with a positive attitude and even get some really great PR. 

While this is a great way to give to the community, get introduced to new stakeholders, and gain good PR, this method is very time consuming and hits heavy on the budget. We recommend partnering with a local caterer or restaurant to help ease the burden. It is okay if it’s not all about you. After-all, it should be about the giving. 

4) Sponsor a local sports team

For many Fall isn’t about pumpkin and corny taglines for everyone. For MANY it’s all about sports. Ever hear about the Super Bowl ads? Yeah…Sports bring in a huge amount in ad revenue each year. 

However, you don’t have to get big and elaborate to take advantage of sports marketing. It can be as simple as finding a local sports team to sponsor. This is a great idea because they often offer cheap logo placements and mentions at games, on calendars, and shirts. While local teams don’t bring millions of views, they do bring in a highly motivated and engaged community. 

Sponsoring a local team might get your logo visibility but more importantly allows you to get community engagement and networking. Which goes much further…trust us. 

Not a sports person or unsure where to find a team to sponsor? You can start with a league or federation. Here’s just a few:


5) Send thank you notes

Finally, why not use this time to just say thanks? Have stand out clients, customers or community members that deserve a thanks? Consider sending a thank you card to showcase gratitude. It paints your business as one who really does care and is paying attention. 

If you buy, are you more likely to buy from a business who you know appreciates your sale or from one who’s never paid attention to you? 

Showcasing thanks keeps stakeholders engaged without being overly salesy or in someone’s face with your marketing. A little gratitude goes a long ways!

That’s it for our Thanksgiving Marketing ideas!

Theme of the season is giving. Any chance you have to give, you should consider it! You don’t want to pass up on using a combination of the above to take your fall marketing to the next level! 

Need help getting a start? Contact us today to learn about our consulting and marketing services. 

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