Quarterly Marketing Trends 2021 (Q3)

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Quarterly Marketing Trends 2021 (Q3) – Social Proof and SEO


Part of developing a solid marketing strategy is keeping track of trends in the marketing and business worlds. Trends give way to stakeholders’ interests, research habits, struggles, and buying habits. Understanding stakeholder struggle and buying habits help your business develop strategy, services and products to be an effective solution to a problem. Additionally it will help you present your service/product to stakeholders in the right way at the right time.


In this article I will cover some Google trends for this quarter and what they mean for local businesses and strategies.


Our analysis of Google Trends analysis of Marketing & Advertising search terms and topics highlights an increased focus on SEO and Social Proof covered in our recent post “Using Social Proof to Build SEO“. 

Highlight of Google Trends we are focusing on:


  1. Searches for “SEO Professional” topics was + 60%
  2. Searches for “Influencer Topics” are up + 40%
  3. Searches for “Backlink SEO” term was + 130%
  4. Searches for “Local SEO Agency” term was + 100%


 Searches for “SEO Professional” topic Was + 60% 

The fact that individuals and companies are searching for SEO Professionals at an increasing rate means businesses are needing more help from experts. This is because ranking on Google takes more than just creating a business account or making a website. It takes a detailed strategic approach. We are learning by trends that one of the most effective approaches is social proof.  Highlighted by our next few trends.


Don’t trust your SEO strategy based on guesses. Ask us about our consulting services to gain a better understanding of what your business is lacking in SEO. Don’t you want to rank higher? 


Searches for “Influencer” topic was + 40% 

Okay. I know what you’re thinking, “Influencers…Really?” 


YES! A lot of people think of influencers as entitled millennials trying to make a buck by posting on social media all day. I’m here to tell you that viewing “influencers” this way is putting a blinder on your marketing strategy. 


Influencers are anyone with…well..influence. Influence is a primary part of Social Proof. (Learn more about that here). This can be an industry expert such as a Welder with 40+ years experience, a celebrity such as Joe Rogan, or a model like Kylie Jenner. Influencers are a great way to build an SEO strategy. Especially by building your backlinks. 


Say…what a coincidence…our next topic is back links. 


Searches for “Backlinks SEO” term was + 130% 

What are backlinks in SEO? Any link on another site or platform that links back to your website. Experts will agree that backlinks are a HUGE factor in your SEO strategy. 


You will find that bringing a strong backlink strategy revolves around social proof. This includes using influencers and industry experts.


Don’t rely on just a basic approach to SEO. Get help from an agency such as Sayre Marketing and Design.


Searches for “Local SEO Agency” term was + 100% 


We included this trend to showcase the importance of SEO, but the importance of working with a trusted source. 


Get help with your local seo strategy. You can find out what’s missing on your strategy with our FREE SEO Audit. Check it out online or send us a message to learn more.



As we learned, the importance of social proof and SEO is becoming increasingly important. The good news is that others aren’t doing it alone and you don’t have to either.


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