Marketing Trend Of The Week – Digital Marketing

Marketing Trend of the Week - Digital Marketing

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It’s time for our Marketing trend of the week! When check out marketing trends on Google Trends it doesn’t take long to learn that Digital Marketing is still top trend.

Marketing Trend Of The Week - Digital Marketing

With digital marketing going up and up every week, it’s important to note this will continue to be a trend. 


What not to do in digital marketing

It’s never been more important to pay attention to your digital marketing (esp. your inbound) strategy. Marketing has always been about connecting to your audience. Today that means using the internet, social platforms, and apps. 


With the Internet being such a driving force, traditional and offline marketing methods are less effective. If trends shows anything, it’s that they will continue to be less effective as more and more people get online. 


So what can you do? 


Well you have a couple of options – you can look at your current strategy and learn where and how you can expand your marketing to incorporate more online marketing methods. Develop a strategy that incorporates inbound marketing and sales to reach your business.


Option 2? Work with an agency like Sayre Marketing to develop and implement your online strategy. Did you know that we are Digital Marketing Certified? 

Digital Marketing Certified

The marketing trend of the week shows that now isn't time to get lax in your digital marketing efforts.

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