Marketing Trend of the Week – Ai Marketing

Marketing Trend of the week ai powered

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It’s for our marketing trend of the week – Ai Marketing!


After doing some quick research it didn’t take time to figure out this week’s topic for Marketing trend of the week – Ai Marketing. 

The Marketing Trend of the Week – AI Marketing is the future.

It’s no secret that automation is taking over. Production companies are using automation for producing products, stores automate collecting orders, Netflix uses it to predict what movie to show you next, and marketers use it for email. Automation is the next big thing and will play a vital role in accelerating a business’s growth. Ai will ultimately save business on time, responsiveness, predicting trends and goals, and money. 

You’ll find that Ai marketing runs the gamut for growth opportunity. While it’s a trend right now, there’s still plenty of room for growth. Jumping in now, means you are jumping in early and that will position you ahead of your competition.

Here’s a few Ai stats from SEMRush:

  1. 80% of retail executives expect their retail companies to adopt AI-powered intelligent automation by 2027. 

  2. Only 7% of companies don’t use AI but are looking into it.

  3. 75% of executives fear going out of business within five years if they don’t scale AI. 

  4. 79% of executives think AI will make their jobs simple and more efficient. simplify their job and make it more efficient.

  5. In 2020, chatbots responded to 85% of customer service interactions. 

Automation will be everything from predicting your next meal to giving you your health reports, and customer service. It’s crucial to learn how automation will fit into your business plan now, so you can be prepared for a strong ai-powered feature.

How do you use automation in your business? Let us know below. Need help learning where Ai might improve your biz? Reach out to us today!

This Marketing trend of the week – ai marekting was discovered by using explodingtopics.com.

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