How to save time scheduling social media posts

How to save time scheduling posts

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As a business, marketer, or social media manager you likely spend a huge amount of time scheduling content for online platforms and social media accounts. At SMD we understand the struggle.

So we would love to help!

A while ago, we were looking for an easy way to write a blog post and schedule that content across multiple platforms. So we set out on an endeavor to find the right tool. In this post, I’ll be sharing how we save time by scheduling posts with Blog2Social.

How to save time scheduling social media posts with Blog2Social

Blog2Social helps you auto post, cross-promote, schedule, automatically share your website content, blog posts, texts, links, images, and videos to social networks at the best times to post on profiles, pages, and groups.

We use Blog2Social’s plugin with WordPress sites. We simply create one post, set a featured image, and schedule the post across all of our main social platforms

Some of the things that Blog2Social provides to save you time and effort are:

  1. Network Selection – Share your content across all of the major networks including Google My Business, Linkedin, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Blogger, and so much more
  2. Auto-Post – Automatically share your posts. Posts can be pushed out when posts are published or even scheduled with posts.
  3. Customizing – Tailor templates for your platforms
  4. Calendar and Time Manager – Select or set pre-determined and best times to post
  5. Social Media Planning
  6. Select different images for each platform easily
  7. Social Media Reporting

We love this platform because it allows us to just focus on writing a blog post and then it automatically posts to all of our favorite platforms. It saves hours with schedules. 

Blog2Social is easy to use and comes with a free and paid version. Check out more on the Blog2Social page to learn more. 

What are some tips you use to save time scheduling social media posts? Let us know in the comments below. 

Need help with your marketing and social media strategy? Contact us today!

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