Best Thanksgiving Marketing Examples

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As we recently discussed in our Fall Marketing Ideas post, it’s a great time to showcase thanks and market your business. Since we gave you some great ideas, it only makes sense to show you great examples across the web. We will highlight some great Thanksgiving marketing examples that we mentioned in our last post. 

Thanksgiving Marketing Examples

  1. Thank you notes – Artifact Uprising
  2. Giving/Giveaways – Wyndham Destinations
  3. Giving Deals – Victoria’s Secret

1) Thank you notes

We discussed, thank you notes are a great way to showcase thanks to your stakeholders. They can be sent digitally or physically in a card. We’ve highlighted an example from Artifact Uprising.

artifact uprising holiday campaign

Here you can see how Artifact Uprising has used a cute and engaging note to celebrate togetherness, family, and celebration. All of these celebrate the Artifact brand. While they don’t directly mention their service, they mention all the ways their services (photos) belong in their celebration. It’s a great way to highlight all the ways memories are held (in tradition and photos) and showcases a thanks for being a part of it. 

2) Giving/Giveaways

Tis the season for giving. Our marketing ideas post highlighted just how you can market your business while giving. We used the example of giving thanksgiving dinners, here we highlight an example by Wyndham Destination on another type of giveaway. 


Wyndham Destinations Giveaway

Here you can see how they utilize a giveaway to increase brand engagement, celebrate the season and change the season for a special family. 

3) Giving Deals

For our third example we see Victoria offering deals to entice customers to shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The holidays are a fun time to promote and give deals, but these special days also bring customers via shopping traditions, exciting adventures and new deals. Giving deals on these days and before can be a goldmine for your business. 

Victoria's Secret Black Friday 2021 Ad, Deals & Sales | BlackFriday.com


What’s your favorite Thanksgiving marketing example or campaign? Let us know below or over on Instagram.

That wraps it up for our Thanksgiving marketing examples. If you need help getting started on your Thanksgiving marketing strategy, contact us today! 

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