Best Fall Marekting Examples

Best Fall Marketing Examples

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This post is a follow up to our last post “5 Fall Marketing Ideas“. Since we gave you some great ideas on how to market during the fall, we thought we can give you the best Fall marketing examples too. 

While it’s good to have the idea, it’s even better to have the inspiration.

So here’s our top 3 Fall marketing examples:

  1. WV Tourism’s Fall in Almost Heaven
  2.  Dunkin Donuts Patriots Run on Dunkin
  3. Match’s 2020 Ad Campaign

1. WV’s Fall in Almost Heaven

Okay, yes… I am biased as a West Virginian. If you’ve ever been to the Mountain State you’ll know that Fall is our time. The beautiful colors coat the landscape like a majestic painting, the fall weather warms the valleys like a blanket, and seasonality opens up a time of bonfires that to a proportional rate. Also, Mountaineer Football. 

Which is what make’s the dedicated page on WV Tourism’s page one of the best fall marketing examples.

It uses the seasonal beauty, community, sports and family time to highlight why WV. The CTA is clear – WV is where you want to be during the fall. 

Learn more: https://wvtourism.com/seasons/fall/


Fall Marketing Examples - WV tourism
Fall Marketing Examples - WV tourism

2. Dunkin’ Donut’s Patriots Run on Dunkin’

One of our ideas for your Fall marketing campaign in our last post was utilizing sports. It’s seasonal right, engages with a huge market of people, and can be fun. Dunkin’ does a great example this by showcasing a seasonal coffee in a commercial featuring the Patriots. 

Once you check out their commercial you’ll understand why it’s on our best fall marketing examples list.

3. Match’s 2020 Campaign

Who can forget 2020? The miserable year it was… but also the fun campaigns that came from it. Match.com gave us a fun seasonal campaign highlight statin and his match with 2020. While doesn’t specifically mention Fall, it gives a ton of great Fall scenery to be seasonally fit. It felt like this was actually happening behind the scenes of 2020. 


How will these Fall marketing examples inspire your next campaign? Let us know below!

Need assistance on your next marketing campaign? Contact us today to learn about our consulting and marketing services. 

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