Quarterly Marketing Trends 2021 (Q3)- Backlinks SEO

Searchs for SEO Backlinks Term was +130%

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Searches for “SEO Backlinks” Term was +130%


Part of developing a solid marketing strategy is keeping track of trends in the marketing and business worlds. Trends give way to stakeholders’ interests, research habits, struggles, and buying habits. Understanding stakeholder struggle and buying habits help your business develop strategy, services and products to be an effective solution to a problem. Additionally it will help you present your service/product to stakeholders in the right way at the right time.



Recently we shared our “Quarterly Marketing Trends 2021 (Q3)” where we shared 4 trends that you should be aware of. 



Our analysis of Google Trends analysis of Marketing & Advertising search terms and topics highlights an increased focus on SEO and Social Proof covered in our recent post “Using Social Proof to Build SEO“. 


The third trend we covered was searches for “SEO Backlinks” term was +130%. That’s a significant increase. 


Searches for “Backlinks SEO” Term was +130%

What are backlinks in SEO? Any link on another site or platform that links back to your website. Experts will agree that backlinks are a HUGE factor in your SEO strategy.

You will find that bringing a strong backlink strategy revolves around social proof. This includes using influencers and industry experts.  You will gain a strong backlink strategy by incorporating the multiple methods of social proof. We covered this on our “Using Social Proof to Build SEO” post.


Don’t rely on just a basic approach to SEO. Get help from an agency such as Sayre Marketing and Design.


Not sure what to do with your SEO? Contact us about our FREE SEO Audit. 


Check out the other important trends from our recent post:  “Quarterly Marketing Trends 2021 (Q3)”


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