7 Halloween Marketing Tips

Halloween Marketing Tips

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To continue our festive and season marketing advice, today we bring you our Halloween marketing tips for 2021. With consumers in the United States expected to spend an all-time high of ten billion dollars and 70% of the population participating in the season (Statista) you don’t want to miss this season. Lacking on your Halloween marketing efforts could have frightful impacts. 

Not sure where you should start with your Halloween marketing efforts? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Check out these ghostly tips. 

Halloween Marketing Tips:

  1. Utilize fun taglines 
  2. Bring the fright with spooky deals
  3. Host a Halloween Contest
  4. Participate in trick or treating
  5. Host a spooky fall or halloween event (like a costume contest)
  6. Halloween themed paid ads on Youtube
  7. User-generated content


Now is the time to hop on the spooky bandwagon and prep your season plan. Here’s our breakdown for these Halloween Marketing Tips:

1) Utilize fun taglines:

It’s Spooky Season! With the calm, cool, and beautiful Fall weather comes a brief time of great thrill, excitement, tradition, and even haunts! It’s Halloween! Many businesses and consumers enjoy taking advantage of this brief season in fun and corny ways. Taglines are a great way to add some freight, excitement and spark inspiration for your marketing strategy.

 To help celebrate the freight or add some clever puns to your marketing, we have prepped a list of 25 Halloween Marketing taglines for your business to take advantage of. Check them out here.


2) Bring the fright with spooky deals:

With expenditure expected to sky rocket, it only makes sense to create a spooky deal to draw in customers. While it’s a good thing that expenditure is up, it also means more competition from other brands and stakeholders. By delivering a great deal, you can attract new customers, engage with previous customers and possibly out perform your competitors. 

3) Host a Halloween contest:

It’s no secret that contests are a great way to engage with your stakeholders. It promotes your brand in a fun and exciting way. You might influence passive customers to get involved and create a ton of free user-generated content. 

We covered a great example of this from Lush North America in our “Best Halloween Marketing Examples” post. 

4) Participate in trick or treating:

Do you have a store-front or brick and mortar location? Hosting trick or treaters and handing out goodies is a great way to bring in new and old customers back into your store. You can take it a step further by handing out goodies of your products to your adult trick or treaters. It would be a fun way to engage with the community and showcase your great business. 

5) Host a spooky event.

Hosting events is a great way to engage with the community, generate fun content, and bring customers into your store or together in one place. These could be something as simple as a fun costume day where visitors and staff dress up to elaborate parties, to even haunted houses. 

Events don’t have to be physical though. As we have learned with recent 2020 and 2021 limitations, events can be virtual too!

6) Halloween themed paid ads on YouTube.

With YouTube being the second largest search engine, it only makes sense to maximize your audience and reach. If you have the budget and stand-out content that provides value, you’ll want to include YouTube in your PPC. 

It is a great way to capture prospect interest and casually reach stakeholders. 

7) User-generated content

Halloween is packed fall of unique ways to generate content. Or have users generate content for you. Anytime you can find a way to get user-generated content showcasing your product/brand it is a win. It showcases social proof and makes it fun for engaged customers. This can be done with contests, hashtag campaigns, and having an exciting product people want to show off. 

Starbucks gives us a great example with their Zombie Frappuccino, which fans just love to shout about – the #zombiefrappuccino hashtag has been used over 30,000 times!


Halloween is a perfect time to test new marketing ideas, incorporate exciting taglines, host events and boost customer engagement. 

Want to see some examples and gain some inspiration? Check out our other Halloween content


Halloween Marketing Tips

7 Halloween Marketing Tips

To continue our festive and season marketing advice, today we bring you our Halloween marketing tips for 2021. With consumers in the United States expected

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