2 things to do to increase your SEO

2 Big SEO Mistakes your making - boost your SEO

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Chances are if you’re looking to grow your business, you are looking at Search engine optimization (SEO). There’s no one-time fix for all of your SEO problems, however there are lot’s of things you can do to improve your serp results. However in this post, i’m going to discuss 2 things to do to increase your SEO.

2 things to do to increase your SEO:

  1. Not building a site map
  2. Forgetting to submit your sitemap

1) Not building a site map

Okay, if you’re not doing this one…shame on you. Sitemaps are an index of all of your pages, posts, files, etc that you want Google (or other search engines) to follow. This can be done manually through your IT and Marketing teams or via a plugin like Yoast SEO.  Google just doesn’t crawl or index a site because you make a post. The page/post needs to be requested or introduced to Google. This can happen because Google found it, someone of importance links to it, or you can recommend it to google through a sitemap. 

Some of the benefits of a sitemap that also help with ranking:

  1. Organize large websites: The sitemap essentially serves as a directory for all webpages, allowing users to quickly find what they’re looking for. This will help you organize your page and content in a way that’s user friendly. Google LOVES user friendly sites. 

  2. Easily add new content and update posts: Sitemaps are critical for websites that change frequently. Having new information, stats, or content a sitemap helps you know where the new info might fight in. It also helps Google know when a page/post has been updated. 

  3. Find internal linking opportunities: Your sitemap also allows you to quickly identify internal links, which are also critical to improving SEO.

  4. Identify areas to improve site navigation: You can also use your sitemap to see weaknesses in your page’s overall navigation. Having all of your pages and posts outline, will show you how to best outline your page. 

2) Forgetting to submit your sitemap

Creating a sitemap for you site isn’t enough though. Just because you make one, doesn’t mean Google is just going to crawl your site. You have to play nice and request Google to use your sitemap. This is a one fo the biggest SEO mistakes. Don’t go through the effort of making a sitemap and not submitting it to Google. 

You can upload your sitemap through Google’s search console. 


For Google to index your site, you need to play nice. You’ll have to let google know when and where to index it. That’s it for this post! Need more tips? Check out our 5 SEO mistakes you’re making today. 

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